Sunday, January 9, 2011

You are Invited to CALA/NE New Year's Program: Palace Painting of the Qing Dynasty 清代宫廷画讲座

Dear CALA/NE Members:

The CALA Northeast Chapter (CALA/NE) will be hosting a program to celebrate the Chinese New Year, Palace Painting of the Qing Dynasty 清代宫廷画讲座, featuring the well-known Chinese artist, Hengyi Aixinjueluo/爱新觉罗恒懿. The program will be held Friday afternoon, January 28, at Queens Library-Flushing Branch. Please read our Upcoming Program Announcement for details.

After the program, CALA/NE members will have dinner at a nearby Chinese restaurant (each member will have $5 discount). To better coordinate the program, especially the dinner, please let us know that you will attend, by using the "post comment " function at the end of this post, including your name and the institution where you work (see the first comment).  In addition, indicate "Yes" on our attendance poll to the right.

This blog is created for members-only, and you are invited not only to comment on this member blog, but also write and publish new posts as authors.

Thank you for your support, and best wishes for a happy and healthy new year!

Judy Xiao
Vice president/president-elect of CALA/NE


  1. Judy Xiao (College of Staten Island Library) will attend.

  2. Xue-Ming Bao and Paul Chao from Seton Hall will attend.